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A flexible, adaptable and personalised service from our dedicated team of international education experts.



With experience across the world and in schools and nurseries of all sizes, we are your perfect partner for school start-up, improvement and management services.



To be a world leader in providing start-up and operational services to international schools.



Supporting Free School
start-ups and Academy conversions through our UK partner company North West Academies.

Welcome to World Academies

At World Academies we provide a full turnkey solution for new and existing international schools and nurseries.

For investors, we provide a range of services from feasibility studies and business planning through to project management and long-term operations for new school projects. For exisiting owners, we provide quality assurance, school improvement and full business audits for schools and families of nurseries.

We cater to the growing demand for high quality, English speaking international schools and nurseries around the world. Due to the global desire for world-class education and the realisation among investors that international schools provide a very attractive and sustainable return, the number of individuals and companies wishing to open new schools or improve and expand upon existing schools is rising at a significant rate.

World Academies work with owners and investors to help their school reach its full potential, ensure the highest quality of education for students and to provide a healthy return on investment.

If you are:

  • Starting up a new international school or nursery
  • Buying an existing school
  • An existing school owner who wishes to improve educational standards and carry out a full business audit

make World Academies your first choice service provider for a total school management solution.



To be a world leader in providing start-up and operational services to international schools.

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